a crowdsourced website gathering videos and photos of Melbourne Street Music experience shared by people, targeting at both local and visitor, both genders, aged between 16 to 24.

Digital Narrative Theory and Practice, RMIT Melbourne, 2015


Jake Nicholls, 21 year-old artist from Melbourne.


LIVE IN MELBOURNE allows the contributors to share photos or videos of their impressive experience of street music in Melbourne through social media: Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. By using the Hashtag #LiveInMelbourne with a location tag, photos and videos will appear on the website.

The interactive simulation, based on a map of inner city Melbourne, allows audience to explore the website by navigating themselves into each area. The user will see green dots appearing when people share videos and photos in the location. Users can also discover the old media by clicking the specific area in a map. Zoom-in, out and scroll-left, right, up or down function are also available.


Audiences can explore the website by navigating themselves through the interactive map ; Use mouse to drag the areas. Zoom in and zoom out by clicking on the main controller


Explore the photos or videos by clicking on the green dots.
A. Latest photos and videos contributed
B. Photos and videos contributed in the past three days 
C. Old photos and videos stored

Click the fresh greet dots to access the newest photos and videos.

Discover the old photos or videos stored in the archive by clicking on the fading green dot.

After watching the videos, users are able to share their impression forward through social media by clicking on the share button and recommend the photos or videos by clicking on the RECOMMEND button. ( Both functions are available for the registered account. )

 Adjust volume up or down / play or pause by clicking on the controller while watching videos.


Back to the map by clicking at BACK button.

Click at the artist’s name to see more of the videos and photos of the artist.

Explore the media categorized by artist names by choosing "Artists" option on the top menu. Keep track of their favourite artist by clicking on the icon, the user will get latest news via e-mail. (available for the registered account) 

Once registered with the project, artists will have an access to their profile, which allows them to add and edit their information. They will also be authorised to identify photos and videos of themselves from contibutors.


Tash Sultana, a 19 year-old singer and songwriter from Melbourne.

Gareth Wiecko, a pianist from Wales.